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The past, present and future of automated parking systems

SOTEFIN SA is a Switzerland based company that for more than 50 years has been developing, manufacturing, selling and installing automated vehicle storage systems thanks to its highly experienced technical staff that daily devotes its expertise, passion and professionality.

SOTEFIN worldwide leadership boasts solid and remote roots based not only on the capabilities of developing always new and winning technologies, but also on the abilities of an ongoing innovation of the products, on the absolutely reliability and on the operative flexibility which allows to meet any client specific request.

SOTEFIN real PLUS is the know-how in developing each project. The company has built its own strong heritage of engineering skills and capabilities ended in many registered patents. As an example, SILOPARK® has been the first worldwide patented trolley which has been obtained by the company in 1964.

Be the industry benchmark also means being constantly imitated and copied, this represents a company pride which encourages all SOTEFIN staff to increase constantly the company’s technological know-how and its applications, with highest quality standards and more sophisticated software which have allowed to obtain over 50 years of successes in developing and realizing automated vehicle storage systems.

Worldwide demand for car parking spaces has grown dramatically over the years, both in the traditional European countries but also in the financial and commercial poles of emerging countries such as India, China, the Arab states and the Far East.

SOTEFIN is in the position to operate and guarantee its excellency and reliability worldwide thanks to the efficiency of its internal organization along with the punctual activities of coordination and control made also in association with a net of allied companies.

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