A wealth of experience with an array of solutions for your needs.

Our team have a vast array of expertise in various commissioning and documentation services, allowing us to find a solution for your needs.

We have an established team of specialist technicians who are dedicated to hands on commissioning of mechanical services.

Key Services
  • Low Velocity Air Systems
  • Variable air volume systems
  • Specialist exhaust air systems (Kitchen hood / Smoke etc.)
  • Staircase / lift / lobby pressurisation systems
  • Chilled water air handling units
  • Package air handling units
  • Chilled water systems (Constant / Variable flow)
  • Condenser water systems
  • Glycol systems
  • AHU / Coil performance tests
  • Sound level measurements
  • Low temperature hot water systems

The initiation and implementation of a formal commissioning management system is vital to the success of any project and is also a requirement for LEED and Estidama certification.

Key Services
  • Complete Commissioning Plans
  • Installation Commissioning Appraisal And Monitoring
  • Static Test Witnessing
  • Works Testing And Procurement Control
  • Pre-Commissioning And Commissioning Witnessing
  • Co-Ordination Of Client / Statutory Demonstrations
  • Co-Ordination Of Performance Testing
  • Co-Ordination And Control Of Record Documentation
  • Verification And Collation Of O&M Documentation
  • Client Instruction And Training
  • Post Construction Inspection & Reporting
  • Commissioning Authority/Agent (CxA) Services As Required By LEED® And Estidama
  • Co-Ordinated, Multi-Service Commissioning Method Statements, Logic Networks, And Programmes
  • Design Commissioning Appraisal

Our expertise and a team of specialist electrical technicians who perform live testing of electrical services to the IEE Regulations 17th Edition.

Key Services
  • Building Fabric
  • Electrical Services
  • ELV Systems
  • Mechanical Services
  • Public Health
  • Specialist Systems

Utilising our expertise and experience in both hands-on and full commissioning management we are able to offer a commissioning validation / verification service.

  • Commissionability Studies
  • Review Of Commissioning Programmes
  • Review Of Commissioning Method Statements
  • Witnessing Of Static Testing
  • Witnessing Of Systems Commissioning
  • Witnessing Of Plant Commissioning And Load Testing
  • Thermal Imagery
  • Review Of Commissioning And Test Results
  • Test Report Collation

Training Manuals are produced based on service or individual plant / equipment. As well as producing full suites of training manuals Prime Technologies can produce full training packages including Agendas, Programmes, Overviews & Registers

  • Building Fabric
  • Electrical Services
  • ELV Systems
  • Mechanical Services
  • Public Health
  • Specialist Systems

1) Data Centers Comm.management

  • Commissioning Activity Tracking
  • Witnessing of Tests
  • Site Acceptance and Integrated Systems Testing
  • Verification of Operational Parameters
  • Functionality & System Interface Testing
  • Rectification Comments For Failed Systems
  • Fire Strategy & Life Safety System Verification

2) Retro Commissioning

  • Study approved handover documentation vs current system condition
  • Installed systems & plant, operational data analysis
  • System retest & balance (Re-TAB)
  • Improve systems efficiency
  • Suggest performance & energy saving measures

3) Industrial process cooling services

  • Test and optimize machine cooling/heating requirements
  • Pressure Drop Testing
  • Temperature Measurements
  • Detailed Report Map
Key Services
  • Deliverables Management
  • Close outstanding contracts
  • Close outstanding inspection requests & approvals
  • Collect, organize and archive project documentation & reports
  • Asset Register finalization
  • Project close-out Report
  • Client/Operator Handover
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Prime Technologies LLC

Prime Technologies is a “3rd Party Independent Commissioning Management Company”. We are a client-focused company, formed of experienced professionals providing an enhanced standard of Commissioning Management, Commissioning Validation and Consultancy Services for challenging and complex construction projects.

Prime Technologies provide a fresh, innovative and focused approach towards Commissioning Management Services with a premier level of management expertise within the commissioning sector. Our business is structured upon the principle of ‘Total Quality’ and all our systems and procedures are designed with this as a primary objective.

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